Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hey everyone out there, this is going to be my first post in my fat-loss journal, or just fat journal. Anyways I guess this is where I explain a little bit about myself. I am 18 years old I'm 6' and weigh about 230 lb. and the last time I got my body fat checked it was about %12, Im going to go get it checked again tomorrow to update you guys. Anyways, since about 8 or 9 I've always been overweight, it got so bad when I was about 15 or so that I was about 5'11" and weighed close to 300 lbs. So I realized I had do do something to lose the weight, so I took the quick path and became athletic anorexic and almost killed myself but ended up losing 100 pounds and being at my goal weight. I was happy and some people even said I was too thin. 1 year later I got into Football and it gave me an excuse to eat and I ended up weighing 260 lbs. with % 22 body fat. So then I try to lose it again, and I get down to about 205. I'm happy again, not so fat, then since then it's been a yo-yo effect of gaining and losing and gaining and losing. So heres my plan, ready? I'm going to finally get this area of my life under control, using no supplements aside from drinking Green tea (really cheap, get 20 bags over at Wal-Mart for less than $3). So I plan on going from %12 or whatever my body fat is to under %9 and here is my plan, I know it works and it works well because I've done it before to lose weight.

Body weight x 11 = 2500 (about) Calories/day
then every week I'll lower it by 200 calories until I get to 1800 Calories/day then I'll stay there until I get to my goal body fat % of under %9 and then I'll gradually raise it up. I know this works because I've done it successfully before, and I had heard from a trainer that this is the best way, because it keeps your calories at maintenance but just barely so your body is forced to burn fat.

Also, Im going to try to eat healthy food, mostly carbs early in the day, mostly fats and protein later on in the day, and nothing three hours before I go to bed. And I'll try to spread the meals out evenly through the day. And right when I wake up I'll drink two glasses of green tea, because that raises metabolism.

For excercise Im going to try to do 20 mins hard cardio every morning, and then later in the day lift weights, do push-ups, sit-ups, stretching, etc.

Anyways, I guess thats really all for this post leave some comments to keep me motivated, and maybe this blog will help you too if you're fat to help you lose weight, no matter if you've got more or less to lose.